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Jane and Mim

Sick of the same old stock from the same old brands, wearing the same as everyone else? Well, welcome to How Now Madam Cow.  These brands are sourced from all over the world with an emphasis on Australian and New Zealand fashion. Fed up with inattentive sales assistants and depressing shopping experiences, our online store aims to provide you with a personal and efficient service, a gift delivered to your own home – by you, for you. 

The clothing, jewellery, accessories and home wares available on How Now Madam Cow are a diverse mix of styles and price points all with a few things in common, we love them, we believe in them, they are great quality and have enduring style. How Now Madam Cow aims to provide the latest and greatest pieces for the season; but pieces carefully selected to ensure they might last to seasons beyond. 

With brands such as Dallas and Carlos, Meadowlark, WHYRED, Flannel and Superfine, How Now Madam Cow will strive to steadily build towards an online mecca for all your fashion needs.  With a personal advice service, fantastic customer service and fast delivery of great product, we are building an online fashion revolution.

We are so excited to bring you these brands and look forward to your conversations, always ask us if you can’t find your size, we will get it for you. You can chat live with us on the site, email, Facebook or Tweet us. Welcome to How Now Madam Cow!

Mother and daughter duo Jane and Mim Simpson are anything but conventional.  Having met Mim when she was a baby when Jane married Mim’s father, the two have been inseparable since.  When it came time for Mim to have a baby, the two found themselves at a crossroads. Mim had a couple of incomplete university degrees and even more unrealized dreams.  Where her passion led and her life were going were at odds.  With a career in fashion and modeling, and her passion in styling and scouring unsaturated brands, the path slowly became clear.  Working for someone else was not an option, enlightening the masses about fabulous brands and how to wear them was. 

Along with the joy of bringing up Mim and her brothers, Jane has worked in Management in Corporate life for the last 20 years. Having set up set up successful businesses for large Corporations, Jane is responsible for the management and for providing solutions to clients.

Jane has been invited to speak at both national and international conferences and has managed clients both in Australia and around the world. 

So what are girls to do? Well, combine their fields of expertise, management and fashion and create an online revolution with new fashion, great service and a personal experience – all from your own home!




No bull Here!

Showcasing the finest designer labels from Australia and New Zealand, How Now Madam Cow is currently delivering to over 170 countries world wide. Get your orders in now for some of the most exciting products in the world of fashion.

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